My thoughts and a review regarding cold air breathing

  My thoughts and a review regarding cold air breathing Breathing in cold weather has special considerations that you may not be aware of. I know I had previously been rather dismissive of risks of damage. I grew up with an attitude mix of “no pain, no gain”, “just get it done” and “it’s never killed me”. But now I am a lot older and hopefully a bit wiser. I look at research instead of relying on my perception of what has worked for me (some things take a while to become big enough to be noticed). I was recently in a conversation with a new-to-running athlete and was posed with the question that went something like this ‘when I run in the cold I feel like it hurts. Is that something that I just need to get used to? Am I being too sensitive and just need to suck it up? Will it be less bothersome with experience?’ This conversation had me decide to look and see if there was anything that I was missing in my understanding because at that moment all I could say was “I just do it”. But that